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Amazon Alexa Supertable

Amazon Alexa smart home display showcases the latest in home automation technology, in JB Hifi flagship stores.

We were tasked to design island fixture that will display variety of smart home gadgets featuring Amazon Alexa. The final design is a kitchen-bench-like display with interactive media console facing both side of the table.

- MDF shelving durable 2 pack coating.

- LED downlight to illuminate packaging on display

- Media controller, integrated speaker, LED & power supply for demo products on display

- Lockable storage area to store various accessories for merchandisers

- Modular interchangeable "tiles" for updatability


Amazon Australia


JB Hifi


- MDF Structural core

- Cross laminated bamboo plywood

- Acrylic

- Media controller

- LCD screen & Speakers

- LED strip

- Backlit LED panel

- Printed materials

Project Scope

- Point of sale / shop fitting design

- Graphic & Printing Design

- CAD modelling, Engineering & Detailing

- Prototyping & Local manufacturing

- Transport & Distribution

- Installation & Merchandising

- Service & Maintenance

Project Gallery

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