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Services & Process

Our services cover every aspect from end to end for each display project. Our team are skilled and experienced in offering you the very best output at each of these stages


Conceptual Ideation

After briefing, the early stage of the design process begins with initial concept sketching and ideation. This early concept stage allows us to quickly evaluate possible design directions and work out multiple solutions that will meet client brief, product requirements as well as retailer and manufacturing limitations. Concept sketching can be in hand or electronic format and is either used purely as an internal tool, or can be shared with clients in development tissue sessions. This quick ideation allows us to broaden our train of thought, exploring a wider range of design solutions, bringing lateral thinking and innovation to the table for quick evaluation, without investing too heavily and eating into precious project deadlines.


Design & Visualisation 

Once the concept direction has been established, our Industrial and Graphic Design teams work hand in hand to bring your concept to life in both 3D and flat artwork form. 3D models are created of the proposed display units and graphic artwork is created to be rendered up in the 3D models. Your displays are portrayed for you to see and evaluate in realistic 3D digital form. They can be displayed on their own, or in the retail environment, with your products rendered with lifelike realism. We can also output your models for you and using augmented reality technology, you can physically go to store and view your display in-situe using your iPhone or iPad. These tools give you the utmost confidence in knowing what the display will look like and that you have made all the right decisions prior to production.


Engagement & Interactivity

Some displays may be purely static and serve to  display, dispense and communicate your product or brand message. But displays can have another level of Engagement & Interaction to further enhance their user experience and cut through in-store and more successfully communicate to the consumer how a product works or their features and benefits. Our team can work with you to bring out these features and enhance the ins-store performance of your display. We have experience in creating engaging displays that include; audio, lighting, built in video screens, interactive buttons, RFID, QR codes, iPad touchscreens, category information panels, motion displays and all forms of imaginable visual, audio, tactile and sensory devices.


Engineering & Specification

Every beautiful design we create has to be manufacturable. Our team of Industrial designs have the skills combined with years of experience to transform our visual creations into duly engineered, specified and manufacturable drawings. With experience with all types of materials and manufacturing processes, our designs create full and detailed workshop engineering drawings, specifying materials, manufacturing processes, pre and post assembly requirements, packing and shipping considerations. Engineering designs take into consideration the expected lifespan requirements, weight of displayed products, transportability and ease of in-store assembly, durability of type of use in-store, and post use disposal. Our engineering team works closely with our factories ensuring that your display is functional and made to specification whilst retaining the aesthetically beautiful design intentions.


Manufacturing & Fulfilment

Displays come in all shapes and sizes and are made from all types of materials using many different manufacturing processes. Our skill, experience and ability to work with and produce displays from all types of materials and manufacturing processes allows us to offer our clients uninhibited possibilities. We can work with plastics, glass, foam, metal, wood, cardboard, fabrics and whatever material is required to make your display. We have capabilities in short run production as well as high volume mass production. We can combine all types of printed components with fabricated and assembled components, lighting, audio & video and electrical. Our factories are capable of fabrication, vacuum forming, laser and router cutting, injection moulding, welding and more. We can produce locally as well as offshore depending on deadline, budget, complexity and manufacturing requirements. We handle all aspects of assembly, kitting, international and local logistics fulfilling either to your 3rd party warehouse, sales rep locations or direct to store.


Retail Installation

Our team can manage the installation of your display in-store. We can nationally conduct initial store audits, arrange the removal and disposal or recycling of existing displays, and the assembly and installation of your new display in store. Display installation may be a one off display or exhibition stand, or a small initial run in flagship stores right through to a national roll-out in all stores. Our partner tradesmen can handle store inductions, delivery, assembly, joinery and electrical works. Pre & Post photographs and reports are provided documenting the works.

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