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Bravecto Product Dispenser

Modular and versatile gravity product dispenser. Can be easily customized to meet the needs of any pet store or veterinary clinic.

MSD Animal Health Australia provided us an opportunity to design a product dispenser for Bravecto tick & flea prevention tablet & topical solution. We were tasked to design a product dispenser unit that was visually unique, but also functional & versatile. As a solution, we have created an injection molded gravity feeder with a modular feature with integrated magnets. The dispenser also features a slat wall clip for mounting onto the slat walls, which are often used behind the counter in many pet stores. Snap hinge clear door allows for easy re-stocking as well as easy replacement of printed graphic cards which can simply be inserted from the top.


MSD Animal Health


Various pet stores accross AU & NZ


- Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

- Polycarbonate (PC)

Project Scope

- Point of sale / shop fitting design

- Graphic & Printing Design

- CAD modelling, Engineering & Detailing

- Prototyping & Offshore manufacturing

- Transport & Distribution

Project Gallery

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