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GN Beltone Glorifier

A glorifier unit incorporating a soft diffused LED light which accentuates and adds an edge of innovation to the product.

GN Hearing briefed us to design a counter glorifier that would be displayed at individual clinics. The counter glorifier features clear earpiece holders, interchangeable back lit graphics, and interchangeable graphic panels. GN Hearing are constantly looking for new ideas to help better the patient experience and we have been brainstorming with them to ensure that the first point of contact from their brand is as impactful as possible.


GN Group


Individual Clinics


- Mild steel structure

- Acrylic

- Backlit LED panel

- LED strip

- Printed materials

Project Scope

- Point of sale / shop fitting design

- Graphic & Printing Design

- CAD modelling, Engineering & Detailing

- Prototyping & Local manufacturing

- Transport & Distribution

- Installation & Merchandising

- Service & Maintenance

Project Gallery

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