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Nextbase Dashcams Range

Functional product glorifier suite with minimal design & premium material.

3 variations of glorifier units were produced to be displayed on the shop floor, shelf & counter space. Full range of products & accessories are presented on natural beech timber shelf.

  • Position of the product can be finely adjusted with the use of adjustable product mount.

  • Each demo products were drilled and fitted with expanding nut to ensure durable & permanent fix to the product mount.

  • Each demo products are screw mounted onto a 360 degrees rotatable bracket.

  • High quality natural beech timber.

  • Access panel with knurled locking screw

  • Updatable graphic panels.




Ted's Cameras



- Mild steel structure

- Solid beech wood panel

- Acrylic

- LCD screen

- Printed materials

Project Scope

- Point of sale / shop fitting design

- CAD modelling, Engineering & Detailing

- Prototyping & Offshore manufacturing

- Transport, Service & Maintenance

Project Gallery

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